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"Our department has used Academic Keys for the past several years and we are very satisfied with the level of service received from the staff!"

  — Katherine Tucker
      Carnegie Mellon University

"I was very satisfied with Academic Keys, we had a good response to our advertisement and feel that they provided us with a great platform for advertising our position."

  — Shivayogi V. Hiremath, PhD, Assistant Professor
      Temple University

"On our recent search, we had an impressive applicant pool. I believe this is in part because of our announcement in AcademicKeys, where we were able to reach a broad audience quickly and easily. I would definitely use AcademicKeys again for another job announcement."

  — Bruce F. Smith
      Auburn University

"We are very satisfied with Academic Keys as they provided us with high calibre candidates."

  — Sabrina Hinton, Human Resources
      Monash University

"We received many responses to our ad on Academic Keys, we are happy with the advertisement that was posted and the staff was helpful."

  — Elmer Suarez
      Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

"I will definitely post a job with Academic Keys again and I am highly satisfied with my experience."

  — Lynette Cheah
      Singapore University of Technology and Design

"I will definitely post with Academic Keys again as almost all of our responses to the announcement came from Academic Keys. They proved to be much better than other advertising methods we used."

  — Danielle Tan
      National University of Singapore

"I am very pleased with the quality of service I receive from Academic Keys.

I place faculty position advertisements with the company quite often. The online forms are easy to fill out.

When I have had questions, the service reps are always quick to respond or offer suggestions.

We receive a large pool of applicants. Academic Keys is an excellent value for our hiring budget."

  — Desiree Brodeen
      Louisiana Tech University

"We will definitely be posting with Academic Keys again. They are much better than other advertising methods we have used and posting jobs was very easy. Thanks again to the staff who was extremely helpful!"

  — Leah Winterberger, Administrative Services Specialists II
      University of Connecticut

"I am pleased with my experience using Academic Keys. Many of our responses to the job advertisement came from Academic Keys and we will definitely be using the site again to advertise."

  — Ulas Sunar
      Wright State University

"My contact with the AcademicKeys staff was very helpful and positive as was my posting experience. We received a high volume of responses from the website and are pleased with our experience."

  — Caron Currie, BA, Web Coordinator
      University of Calgary

"Academic Keys was suggested to me by colleague and we are very satisfied with the results from our advertisement. We will use the website again for future job announcements."

  — Dezreine Leon, HR Administrator
      University of Regina

"I am thrilled that we can post our Post Doctoral Associate positions on Academic Keys for no cost. Most, if not all of our candidates come from your website, and we are consistently pleased with the quality of the candidates."

  — Pat Mahoney
      Cornell University

"I have been using Academic Keys for over 10 years now and I am always amazed at the number of applicants we receive in such a short amount of time in response to the ads that we place. I will continue to use Academic Keys in the future."

  — Leah Winterberger
      University of Connecticut

"I was happy with the number of potential candidates that were reached. There were several applicants for this position. I would definitely post another job announcement with Academic Keys."

  — Jennifer Schmidt, Research Assistant Professor
      University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"I am very satisfied with my posting experience and will definitely utilize the Academic Keys website again. The posting offered both depth and breadth in the quality and quantity of applicants for the position advertised."

  — Alvin Williams, Marketing
      University of South Alabama

"A colleague referred me to Academic Keys and we are very pleased with the the wide-spread visibility our ad received. Their customer service is exceptional and we will return for future recruitment efforts."

  — Irina Radulescu, HR Manager
      KTH Royal Institute of Technology

"I have used this advertising twice within the past year and I always receive good outcomes with candidates. The customer services is always great."

  — Beatrice Person, Academic Program Coordinator
      Illinois Institute of Technology

"I am very satisfied with my experience using Academic Keys, both with the job announcement response and the assistance from their staff. This is a service I will be using again in the future."

  — Khaled Salah Shaaban
      Qatar University

"I am happy to recommend the Academic Keys service because it was efficient, informative and provided good service. My ad was read over 600 times."

  — Daniel Rohrlich
      Ben Gurion University of the Negev

"Academic Keys is a great way to reach great potential candidates who want to be or are in the academic sector. The various job posting options are clear and concise, many options to suit any businesss needs. You can easily login and manage your job's, make edits, see how many views they have, view candidate reports and much more. All this information and data is useful to demonstrate the effectiveness of Academic Keys as a career website. I'm very pleased with the results from my job postings and will continue to use Academic Key’s as one of my go-to job posting websites."

  — Jocelyn DeLong, Human Capital Solutions
      Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette

"We have successfully filled our search for a post doctoral research scholar at Kent State University and your service was largely responsible for helping us to recruit a strong pool of applicants. Many thanks for all of your help."

  — Dr. Gregory C. Smith, Professor
      Kent State University

"Our search required an efficient, economical, and wide-reaching means of announcing the faculty position opening. After evaluating a number of online providers, speaking with representatives of each, and analyzing the online platform’s anticipated cost/benefit scenario, selecting Academic Keys became the clear choice. The process of posting was simple and quick with an almost same-time posting of our position. Our candidate pool was exceptional and afforded our staff an opportunity to pick from the best."

  — Jim Dawkins
      Florida State University

"We were very satisfied with Academic Keys with 60-80% of our responses coming from AcademicKeys.com. We will definitely be advertising future jobs on your site."

  — Haitham M. S. Lababidi, Assistant Vice President for Research
      Kuwait University

"I would definitely post another job with AcademicKeys.com. We are very happy with the amount of applications we received and impressed with the high level of customer service they offer. The value of their product far outweighs the cost. Thanks AcademicKeys!"

  — Eva-Lena Neth Johansson
      University of Gothenburg

"We are very satisfied with the value of the service we got at such a great price."

  — Dr. Emily Corcoran, Assistant Professor
      Royal Military College of Canada

"Our search process was greatly enhanced because of William and Mary's listing on your website."

  — Della W. Harris, Faculty Appointments Coordinator
      William and Mary Law School

"Thank you!!! Of the four ads I placed yesterday, yours was the only one not painful to do. Thank you for that! I received the URL for the posting and everything. I appreciate receiving the paid invoice too. I appreciate working with you!"

  — Lin Wrathall
      University of Utah

"Thank-you, and may I add that the AcademicKeys site is the MOST user friendly. Great Job!"

  — Allyson Jabusch, Dept. Coordinator
      Michigan Technological University

"Our deadline for applications is over now. We have received many candidates for selection!"

  — Eva Keerov
      Tallinn University of Technology

"Thank you for such excellent service. This has been so helpful to us to get our position posted so promptly and distributed so widely. Thank you!"

  — Judy Guernsey
      Dalhousie University

"Thanks a lot. We appreciated your service! Our candidates were excellent!"

  — Dr. Russ Widener, Director, School of Music
      Wichita State University

"You are AWESOME, placing this ad with you was so easy, compared to others. Thank you for your time and expertise, much appreciated."

  — Michelle Cervantes
      Texas A&M Galveston

"I was very satisfied with Academic Keys. I appreciated the constant updates. Of the 3 sites that we advertised with, yours was the only one to do this and the only one that touched base with us at all. We will definitely use you again in the future."

  — Lisa H. Fowler
      Florida A&M University - FSU College of Engineering

"I have used AcademicKeys to post several post-doctoral openings in the area of Materials Science and Engineering with good results. Each time, I've had a large number of potential applicants, and each time several of those applicants have been well qualified for the advertised position. Today's graduate students and post-docs are very knowledgeable about and clearly use internet sources like AcademicKeys to help them when searching for academic positions."

  — Ryan O'Hayre
      Colorado School of Mines

"I would like to thank the staff at Academic Keys who have offered exceptional services in academic jobs. In particular, Academic Keys` offer of free advertisement for post-doc positions. It has helped us in reaching the very best candidates. Your website is also very user-friendly and, best of all, your staff are very responsive!"

  — Chris Mi, Professor
      University of Michigan, Dearborn

"Good Morning Brian and thank you for this update. We`ve found that the ad placement in AcademicKeys has generated several applications in a very short period of time. The Search Committee didn`t know what to expect from the posting, but from what we`ve seen it has been well worth the cost. Thanks and have a great week!"

  — Rhonda Hobson, Executive Assistant
      Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Medicine

"We had more than 70 applicants for the position and we interviewed four very strong candidates. Our Dean will make an offer to our number one choice this AM and should he/she decline we will move to number two. We feel the search was quite successful as we had the strongest pool of candidates in years. From what I can tell by cover letters approximately 25% saw our posting on your site with the remainder coming from our number one trade journal, Chemical & Engineering News."

  — Noel Sturm, Associate Professor and Chair
      California State University

"We have been pleased with the large response to our search. Many candidates have referenced Academic Keys in their cover letter; thank you for providing excellent service."

  — Jonathan Talberg, Professor
      California State University, Long Beach

"It was a pleasure to deal with your group for our postdoctoral posting and I have been talking it up among my friends and colleagues. We had a good number of hits and one was just what we wanted. If and when we need to look for another postdoctoral fellow, I shall certainly return for another round."

  — John D. Roberts
      California Institute of Technology

"Your site is the best I have used to date! It is very efficient and simple, and I have enjoyed using it. Thank you, again."

  — Lise Minogue
      McGill University, School of Computer Science

"Thank you for this service. I love it and forward [the e-Flier] to my colleagues constantly."

  — Dr. Danny Brassell
      California State University, Dominguez Hills

"Your site has been valuable to us in the past and I just wanted to let you know that you guys are doing a great job--your site is terrific!"

  — Stacy Meier
      University of Akron

"Thank you for your wonderful service. We have had a tremendous response."

  — Barbara Kirkland
      University of the Pacific

"Many thanks for your organization`s fantastic web site!"

  — Dewey Johnson, Director
      Small Business Institute

"The interface on this website for job posting is exceptional. It is extremely user-friendly and I know this publication is very wide-reaching--a great value overall. Keep up the great work!"

  — Tracy Thomas, Administrative Assistant
      Lawrence Technological University

"I just thought I would drop you a line to tell you how much I actually enjoy getting your faculty positions. I LOVE browsing through jobs that are out there!"

  — Barbara Sartell, EdD, RN, C-ANP
      Wilmington College

"You provide a great service, and I thank you for it. One of my graduate students got his post-doc by responding to one of the notifications in the past. We wouldn`t have found that one easily, and it is a great opportunity. Thanks again."

  — Bruce A. Finlayson, Professor of Chemical Engineering
      University of Washington

"I give two thumbs up to Academic Keys for the ease and efficiency of posting positions, as well as how pleased I am with the number of inquiries to your site. Academic Keys is also a very economical service with great exposure at the touch of a key. Thank you very much for your service, and keep up the good work."

  — Marcene McCurdy, Neurology Department
      Medical University of South Carolina

"Thank you so much for posting my biographical information on your website. I do really appreciate your excellent service, and would recommend others to use your website."

  — Tapas Das, Environmental Engineer
      Washington Department of Ecology

"As the first search goes, we received twenty something relevant applications. Most of them due to your website and e-Flier since we ran IEEE Spectrum ad for only a month (November). Happy Holidays to you!"

  — Dariusz Czarkowski, Associate Professor, Search Committee Chair
      Polytechnic University

"I appreciate the Academic Keys e-Flier very much and do share this information with my students. Thanks for your hard work."

  — Dr. Louise MacKay, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, Coordinator for EdD. program
      East Tennessee University

"Academic Keys is a valuable recruitment tool. We can reach a diverse pool of applicants quickly and easily. The last position we posted received nearly 3,000 hits! When a vacancy in our department occurs, our faculty specifically requests we advertise on Academic Keys."

  — Rachel Newman, Acting Assistant Director, Human Resources
      University of Maryland

"Many thanks for sending these e-Fliers to me. They are very helpful and much appreciated!"

  — Richard Wolff, Professor of Economics
      University of Massachusetts

"I would definitely say that more prospective applicants have viewed the position as a result of having posted on Academic Keys."

  — Kristin Wold, Administrative Assistant, Department of Art
      University of Wyoming

"Thank you for having this valuable service!"

  — Ce Ce Iandoli, Professor, Design + Industry
      San Francisco State University

""From my early dealings with your administrative staff, I was impressed with their knowledge, helpfulness and mostly, response time to questions I had.""

  — JoMarie Woltz, Asst. to the Chair
      University of Buffalo

"Academic Keys is certainly easier to use than some of the other places I`ve advertised. The price is reasonable, too. We keep advertising here because we feel this is a tool that will continue to grow."

  — M. Buckler, Asst. to the Chair, Biomedical Engineering
      The Catholic University of America

"A great resource for job listing, featuring an extensive database of academic jobs in the fine arts. Search by specific job categories, academic fields, or descriptive keywords. An online subscription is available, and you can select specific types of jobs for which you would like to receive listings. It also provides a database of faculty and administrators in higher education, as well as many other professional resources. Very user-friendly."

  — Eastman School of Music
      University of Rochester

"We used Academic Keys to aid in conducting a tenure-track faculty line search.

The web-based advertisement and the searching capabilities it contains for prospective candidates was an ideal environment for us to conduct our search. We found the process of placing the advertisement very easy and the economic benefits of a four-month time-frame for the ad`s run was unquestionable (compared to magazine sources).

Overall, our experience with Academic Keys was terrific. We now have an excellent new faculty member."

  — Christopher Foley, Associate Professor, Civil & Evironmental Engineering
      Marquette University

"I am following up with an e-mail commentary on the employment ad we have recently placed through Academic Keys. Until this year, we have placed ads with the Chronicle of Higher Education and the College Art Assoc. With both of these publications we experienced problems in placing the online ads because of the lack of "user-friendliness" of their websites. We ususally had to follow up with phone calls and found that their response was slow and often not very helpful. Likewise, their billing process was tedious and unorganized. Last, but not least, the cost of placing the ad with Academic Keys was substantially lower than was the Chronicles` and Art Association.

I would choose to use Academic Keys services over other publications whenever possible. Thank you for making ad placement so easy and economical."

  — Angelika Knorr
      University Of Central Florida

"Your website is very user friendly. It is really very easy to do and you guys were able to get my job posting out in record time. Thanks."

  — Marlene Albrecht, Administrative Assistant
      University of Missouri - Rolla


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